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my dms are always open to talk about mutual interests or personal stuff. if i dont reply, i probably was having a bad mental health day, and am not ignoring you on purpose.

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mental health (professionally diagnosed)

severe depression • bpd • dermatillomania • sleeping issues

if you want to exchange experiences, or have questions about anything mentioned above, feel free to message me. i do my best to educate. i mess up when im in a bad place sometimes, im aware and im trying to improve.


love live • danganronpa • overwatch • persona 5 • dragon age • mass effect • fire emblem awakening • fire emblem fates • guild wars 2 • ace attorney • deresute • mahou shoujou madoka magica • neon genesis evangelion • life is strange • final fantasy 13 • kuzu no honkai • kiznaiver • nier: automata • sense8 • orphan black • pokemon • uncharted • psycho pass • steins gate • music • psychology • animals